Safety Talk: The Winter Season

PUBLISHED ON: February 13, 2018

In Colorado January, February and March can be some of the coldest and snowiest months. We should be taking caution to stay safe on the job site and at home. Here are a few ideas to think about as the temperature drops.

Warming up your vehicle

This is a habit that is common when it is cold in the morning. Starting your vehicle, let it run for a bit before you start your drive. Take extra caution when doing this. Your car while warming up is emitting dangerous carbon monoxide into the air. If you are starting your car in a garage, make sure the outside door is open so that the dangerous gas is not in a confined space. This is dangerous, and quickly can become deadly. This awareness also goes for the job site. Carbon monoxide is heavier than air in cold weather, this means it sinks lower than breathable air. If your vehicle is parked next to an open trench, while you are idling warming your vehicle, you could also be contaminating the work zone for others. Be aware of your surroundings when warming up your vehicle!

Emergency Supplies

As we drive to and from job sites, it helps to be a little extra prepared in the winter. Being stranded in cold weather can be hazardous for many reasons. Pack snacks that will provide calories, and space blankets to keep you warm. Did you know that if you don’t have enough calories to burn, your body will stop shivering trying to keep warm? Having high caloric snacks to keep fueling your body, will also help keep you warm. Space blankets take up little space, but in a pinch can work wonders. These small items could come in handy if you are waiting a long time for help.

Walking of Ice

With a drop in the temperature ice can form and make a normal walk a treacherous one. Remember not to jump out of vehicles, step down carefully keeping three points of contact. This goes the same for the heavy machinery. Metal stairs can collect ice just as easily as the ground. Carrying ice melt in your truck for the cold weather could help keep the job site safe from slipping.

Remember to stay warm and stay safe!