The Rebranding of RD Pipeline

PUBLISHED ON: June 24, 2016

R&D Pipeline started where many companies start: a family basement. Over 30 years ago, Cameron “Don” Ross started his own business with his civil engineering degree and his honest work ethic. Since then, R&D Pipeline has steadily grown into a family company with over 45 employees and multiple crews known for our quality water, sewer, and storm projects. To celebrate our success, we have rebranded with a new name, new look, and new website to establish a sleek brand reflective of the hard work that got us to where we are today.

R&D Pipeline transformed into RD Pipeline with a streamlined name to match our updated and modern feel. The new logo utilizes a shield background, both to convey security and pay homage to family through the shape of a crest. The colors (President Dan Ross’ favorite) convey a mood of steadfast stability, comfort, and safety.’s new website tells our story in a whole new way, with project overviews and a company history that shows what it takes to lead the pipeline industry.

With an updated name, look, and website, RD Pipeline has taken our efficiency and hard work to the next level, ensuring that the company continues to go above and beyond both competitors and industry standards. Our rebrand gives us a new look while staying true to the dedication of RD Pipeline and those who have helped us reach our goals along the way.