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Anschutz Medical Center

  • Anshutz Medical Center
Client JE Dunn Construction
Location Anschutz Medical Center, Aurora
Scope Of Work Water line extension to include main, fire hydrants, fire service and domestic service; Sanitary Sewer service tap and extension to include grease interceptor; Storm Drainage offsite/on-site storm pipe and structures, roof drain system
Schedule An ongoing schedule approximately three years since executed contract.
Project Manager Joe Hinojosa
  • Anshutz Medical Center

Project Detail

The project is located on the Anschutz Campus that has multiple projects in progress at all times. The amount of real estate on the site is limited and phasing is a vital part to accommodate all trades. Production is often cut short due to only performing portions of most scopes. Civil work seemed to be an afterthought, as the construction of the Medical Center took precedence.