RD Pipeline Construction, Inc.
9555 Ralston Road
Arvada, CO 80002

Broomfield Community Center

Client Adolfson and Peterson
Location Broomfield
Scope Of Work Water Distribution: New 8" PVC water main loop with appurtenances; Fire, Domestic and irrigation services; Temporary reroute and feeds of water services to in-service buildings; Sanitary Sewer: 8" PVC main extension; Services to new building; Temporary service to in-service buildings; Storm Drainage: Site drainage pipe; RCBC and structures; Roof Drainage system; Water quality structures and pond work
Schedule An overall 2.5-year project due to coordination with general contractor requirements
Project Manager Riley Lindermann

Project Detail

This project required multiple move in’s and out’s due to phasing required to accommodate demolition. It was required that portions of the community center be left undisturbed while portions of the facility were demolished. During the building of the new facilities it was imperative that utilities be maintained at existing buildings.